Bakot ba ako napunta sa block ko!

Napakaselfish ng mga tao. Sobrang selfish.

Di man lang sinabi na namove ng 8pm yung quiz sa Val Ed. Nag intay kami from 1:30 to 5:00 pm! Seriously?! Pagpalain kayo! Sarap nyo ipakain sa pating.

A summary of Tokyo Ghoul
  • Tsukiyama: kaneki kaneki k aneki kA NEKI KA A AAN EKI
  • Kaneki: chill

Sometimes I just want to deactivate my twitter account because I kept on seeing ‘patama’ posts of my classmates. It’s not that I meddle with their ‘thing’. It’s just that I can see them talking about my other classmates and our teachers, who they’re making a laughing stock.


I’m gonna eat tasteless oat for dinner agai, drink laxative tea before I sleep, drink water everytime I’m hungry, jump every second. This is so annoying. Why did I gained too much weight? T.T

Since YB has a nice body, I should have to. >\\

Which is better? Ughh